Escape from Dubai is the true story of
Herve Jaubert who was offered a life time
opportunity in the Emirate of Dubai,
unbeknownst it was under false pretense ,
he then found himself the scapegoat for
incompetent and corrupt government
officials, trapped with no passport, victim
of betrayal, threatened to be tortured and
blackmailed by the highest executives of
Dubai World, a Government owned
Escape from Dubai details how the trap
took place and how Herve Jaubert, using
the skills he developed when he was a
covert operative for the French Secret
Service, made his escape out of Dubai on a
small boat across the ocean to India,
before Dubai Secret Police could have a
chance to take every of his possessions,
including his freedom.  
Escape from Dubai also gives an inside
look into the city of Dubai, its ruthless and
biased laws, its middle age customs, the
fraud, the hypocrisy and the decay behind
the glitz and glamour.

Dubai is a dangerous place to live, NOT the open society it claims to be.
Dubai is a trap, where the laws established by the rulers never apply to them, so many
foreigners are held, imprisoned without charges or even missing, conveniently forgotten
because of politic, economic or military interests, but Herve Jaubert got out and can now
speak out.

"Had I not escaped, I would be sitting in a hole, on trumped up charges and fabricated
evidences with no chances to ever be released.
Many other innocent expatriates could not escape and are jailed indefinitively on false
charges, they are forgotten by their Countries, too complacent with Dubai corrupt
rulers". Herve jaubert

Escape from Dubai, published by Createspace,
hard cover, color insert, full color dust jacket                                      
Copyright © 2009
FINALIST in the General Non-Fiction Category of the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book
HONORABLE MENTION at the 2010 San Fransisco Book Festival
Running for your life in complete clandestine, in disguise, and escaping without a passport do not give you  
much opportunities to go about with a camera around the neck, taking pictures and keeping receipts.
Doing so is even the best way to get caught because of the evidence you would be carrying along.
My story is based on true events, I changed names, locations and time line to prevent Dubai World and
Dubai Police from reconstructing the events and arrest the innocents who helped me.
Bill of sale: I purchase my escape sail
boat, "Lady Lucie", named after my son
Lucien, from
Sheikh Khaled Bin
, brother of the UAE President,
and under somebody's else name. It is
ironic that while Dubai Government
trapped me in the country, a member of
the ruling family unknowingly provided
me with a mean to get out
Immigration slip: Mumbai Police, after
my crossing of the Arabian Sea with my
new passport issued by the Consulate in
My rubber dinghy and sail boat.
Prepped and ready to go....
How, I disguised as an Arabic woman to
cover the bulk of my frogman gear. False
breasts and burka to drape and fill out the
ledge caused by the flat top of the
breathing bag, like on a chubby woman.
My escape route....Off the beach to
international waters, rendez vous with
my sail boat, and sailing to India
Mumbai....and freedom....priceless.....
With Dubai modern technology
it is impossible to temper with a passport
and pass the controls at the airport or the
borders. In 2008, 800 people got caught
with a fake passport.
How I dressed as an Emirati.
Not a good idea when you
don't speak Arabic.
Passport loss report at Mumbai Police.
I reported my passport lost at sea when I
entered India.
FINALIST, "Multicultural non fiction", Best Books Awards 2010