Herve Jaubert is a former French Naval Officer
and Marine Engineer.  He served as a covert
operative for the DGSE, the French Secret
Service.  In 1993 he left the DGSE and moved
to the US where he invented and developed a
complete line of recreational submarines and
combat swimmer submersibles. In 2004, Sultan
Bin Sulayem, Chairman of Dubai World, visited
Herve's submarine factory in Florida and
offered him a partnership to develop a
submarine manufacturing company in Dubai.
Herve Jaubert moved to Dubai with his family,
transported his operation and created a state of
the art factory. Soon, he fell victim to a corrupt
system and megalomaniac leaders who forced
him to surrender his passport, held him hostage,
coerced him to surrender his assets and
threatened him to be tortured and imprisoned
After he sent his family back to the US, he went
into hiding and dressing like an Emirati woman
to plan an escape without his passport. Two
months later, he executed a harrowing escape
on a rubber boat, and returned to the U.S.

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Florida Federal Jury Clears Submarine Builder in Dubai Case
by cedaborg on March 3, 2011
March 02, 2011

Dubai World Corporation lost on all 5 counts stated in its civil complaint against Palm
Beach resident Herve Jaubert yesterday in the Federal Court, District of Southern
Florida.  Dubai World had sued Mr. Jaubert for breach of contract, fraudulent
representation regarding his abilities as an expert submarine designer, negligent
representation regarding same, breach of fiduciary duty and conversion.  The jury found
that Mr. Jaubert was not liable under any of these counts and found in Mr. Jaubert’s

The civil action mirrored similar criminal charges that had been leveled against Mr.
Jaubert in Dubai in 2009; the Dubai court found Mr. Jaubert guilty in absentia and
sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment.  George Dalton, Dubai World’s chief counsel,
had stated in an interview in September, 2009, that he was confident that a US Court
would return a similar verdict against Mr. Jaubert.  This confidence was misplaced as
the jury returned an opposite verdict to what Mr. Dalton assumed.

The jury also found that Mr. Jaubert’s abuse of process claim against Dubai World was
not supported by the evidence provided.

Mr. Jaubert, following the jury’s verdict, stated, “I have been completely exonerated
and vindicated by the jury’s decision.  The case in Dubai was clearly baseless and
without merit.

The judge had earlier ruled that Seahorse Submarines Int’l Inc. was liable for not
completing 2 submarines it had contracted to sell to Dubai World subsidiaries.  Although
it had been verbally agreed by Seahorse and Dubai World to complete the submarines in
Dubai, once Mr. Jaubert was in Dubai, Dubai World chairman Sultan bin Sulayem told
him to work on other projects.  As Mr. Jaubert did not get this direction in writing,
Seahorse was found liable by the court.


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