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My Subs & Boats in operation
A state of the art factory, raised from the sands
The Trap
The Absolute Ruler Sheikh Mohammed, is at
the center of Human kind, as seen on this giant
posters all over Dubai.
On vacation with Sultan Bin Sulayem,
ex Chairman of Dubai World.
Dubai Magic Sultan's
Yacht For sale  !
Sultan's Jet
The Management Team
                                                     Sanil                  The Staff               Marc
Dubai... the Hypocrisy, the Double standard, the Misrepresentation
Get caught with alcohol and you' ll
be thrown in jail by the very same
people who pretend they are not
buyin' booze.
Above is the palm tree shaped artificial island  of Palm
Jumeirah as advertised by Nakheel before sales.
Below, as it was built, not what buyers bargained for.....
Before sales                Delivered.......but
                without the ocean view
Lost Views, curtains of concrete and pass overs in your living room
Pretty Dubai?  Sewage overflow, stench, floating feces
are contaminating marinas and residential areas........
.....Does not matter, health is
a             priority says the sign
A Lebanese National in Dubai was jailed
one month for wearing this T shirt...for
violating public decency laws
...Obviously Not, as per the thousands of
cars abandoned by their owners who
fled Dubai to avoid prison for missing a
Dubai prison, 150 acres in
the desert housing an
unknown number of
prisoners, many of them
detained without charges.
Sir Richard Branson
"The World" Gal Mgr
Hamza Mustafa
Sheikh Mohammed Private Island
The infamous Dubai  Police  
Alcoholic license, makes you
feel guilty just to have one.
Dubai Police riot Vehicles, ready
to bust unpaid workers protests
The majority does not rent a
house, or even a room, they
are lucky with a bed to rent
Beware UAE Fraud
With Sheikh Mohammed
Diving Phyl Nuytten's
DeepWorker submarine
Evidence that the World
Islands built by Dubai
World are merging. They
are not sinking as earlier
reports said, but the gaps in
between are getting filled up.
Investors and buyers got
ripped off. Soon to be a
sand bar