Florida Federal Jury Clears Herve Jaubert in Dubai Case    
01 23/2011. 7 Reasons why Dubai will become the most bankrupt city in the world:
                                                                 1: It has no resources
                                                                 2: It does not have transparent business and political system
                                                                 3: It has double standards and no independent judicial system
                                                                 4: It imposes severe censorship
                                                                 5: 90% of the population is foreign on temporary visas
                                                                 6: Irreconcilable cultural differences with the West.
                                                                 7: It does not have the cash flow to repay its debt
The "World" artificial Islands are sinking into the sea
                                                                 Dubai World sold 70% of them, they got the money, they threw some
                                                                 complaining buyers in jail and the others are screwed. Fortunately this
                                                                 article will make it more difficult for Dubai to scam more investors for
                                                                 the remaining 30%.
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem removed as Chairman of Dubai World ,
      He has been replaced by the uncle of Sheikh Mohammed.
      In June 2009, I wrote page 300 of my book, that Sultan Bin Sulayem would be sent to oblivion as Dubai World
      would be on the verge of collapse. Spot on !
Dubai coral reefs stand like gravestones.
      I have been saying that all along, I also wrote that Dubai
      World paid marine biologists to pretend the opposite, which constitutes fraud. Spot on!
US national swimmer dies in Emirates race
       FINA should have avoided this place and picked another location, I wrote before that Dubai arid climate and
       culture are not suitable for competitions and they have a complete disregard for human lives, nobody was even
       watching, the Emirati in charge called the victim : "the guy". For Dubai it is only about marketing and getting
       the headlines to show off so they can lure investors and visitors, only this time it backfired and exposed their
       I hope people will learn and strike out Dubai in the future.
       FINA should be investigated as to why and how they came to the decision to place this race in this so unfit
       place. Did Dubai lobby and bought off the event for their own publicity ? It is obvious that Dubai does not meet
       safety standards and water quality. So why put this event there?
10/17/2010  Sponsorship to stay in the UAE
       As I predicted, it will never happen, all these talks about ending sponsorship in the UAE were rubbish, and a
       smoke screen.
Dubai to raise cash through Government Bond sale
Dubai has proven to never honor their contracts (their words even more worthless), they call that "restructuration", in
fact when it s time to pay back a debt they renegociate interests down and postpone payments. As a result I doubt anybody
will put money in these bonds that will not be worth the paper they are printed on. Dubai Bond is just another name for
the same scam to spoon feed the next pigeon on the chopping block.
Dubai World assets up for sale!
A few years ago Dubai World used a relatively small amount of money to borrow more money using the same assets to
secure further borrowing from different banks. Now, many banks realize they hold the same assets as collateral. No
wonder why Dubai World lied about its debt: $50Bn instead of $24Bn.
Dubai World, with its promise to sell assets in 5 to 8 years just bought itself some time, but I give 12 to 24 months before
lenders and creditors realize they have been fooled again.
Dubai "renegociating" orders for 200 Airbus and Boeing planes:
Here  is the story
Dubai proves to be a fraud again, its contracts are not worth the papers they are printed on. They sign a deal, then come
back later threatening to pull out the order if they don't get a discount! That is what they call renegociating. These news
only further proves what I wrote in my book, the message is simple, Dubai is a dangerous vacuum of nothingness, it looks
pretty from the outside but once you get sucked in you can only waste your time, your money and sometimes your
"Quicksand" an ABC (Australia) video on the Dubai fall out.
Click here for the story and video
A British couple in prison for kissing on the cheeks. What a lovely place, isn't it? More articles like this help people to
understand that it is not worth the risks to travel to this place.
Here is the story
Dubai World unit, sued in New York for stealing $3M from hotel fund.
Here is the story     
Dubai World in dispute with the contractor of Las Vegas City Center, MGM Mirage, who intends to file a lien to collect
$492M in unpaid construction bills.
Here is the story
The assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai has revealed how the small Emirate is completely canvassed by CCTV's and
police linked passport hotel check-in scanners. From arrival at the airport, to their hotels, going shopping and down to the
bathrooms, all visitors or residents are filmed, documented and tracked in their every day life.
The hit squad walked in, did their deed, walked out and disappeared leaving a trail of pictures of wigs, false beards, glasses
and "borrowed" names, however nothing that could lead to substantiated accusations or evidences pointing at anyone.
Dubai Police has accomplished nothing but a power point on a very sophisticated ghost operation. It is because nobody is
watching the cameras, they only record information that can be pulled out later, when needed, and without any warrants
or controls, to track down and trap expatriates, candidate for being the scapegoat of some locals.
I knew that, long ago, and that is why I used disguises so that I could
never be identified or caught on camera as I was preparing my escape.
I did not have to show my passport, I did not have one anymore.....
After the assassination, General Dahi Khalfan, head of Dubai Police,
claimed he recovered all evidences to identify and point at Mossad agents,
sure he did ...He looks familiar does not he? Armed with his magnifying glass he vows to hunt down the hit squad, Israeli
Prime Minister and Mossad Chief.  
Flood and cracks with underground
water damages at the Dubai Mall
aquarium, labelled  as minor leak
resulting in light  "maintenance":
another cover up by Emaar.
The evacuation of the public was less out of security concerns, than to prevent people from taking pictures that affects
Dubai image negatively.
Outrage at acquittal of Abu Dhabi sheikh in 'torture' tape, a stain on the UAE, proof of a corrupt justice system:
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An Emirati court acquitted Sheikh Issa bin Zayed, the brother of the United Arab Emirates president, of charges of
torturing an Afghan citizen.  He was found not guilty because "he was drugged" whilst administering the torture.
Doesn't that just tell you that there cannot be any fair trial in the UAE.
Their justice system is corrupt and appalling.
Sheikh Issa was caught on camera torturing and beating a bound man.  
Here is the video  
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                                                      ------------------------------------------- on Interpol wanted fugitive list for a parking ticket in Dubai!
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Abu Dhabi's $10 billion financial aid to rescue
Dubai World sinking in an ocean of debts,
was in the form of bonds.
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Police to track boats in UAE waters.
Once the Dubai Government learned I escaped on a sailboat, the immediate reaction from authorities was to prevent it
from happening again. They are now enforcing new rules: all boat owners in Dubai must install a tracker inside their
boats for absolute Police tracking on the water. According to the Coast Guards, it's for your safety, so they want you to
think!  If a boat sails without the tracker, it will be spotted, stopped, searched and the owner fined. In addition, anyone
who wants to register a boat after purchase  must be approved by the CID, after background check in the police system.  
If you have a record don't expect to get registered and chalk it up as a loss for the money you spent on the boat.
Sultan Bin Sulayem caught with a doped horse after an endurance race.
His horse was tested positive for prohibited doping drugs after a horse race in Al Wathba, UAE on December 13, 2008.   
Sultan was "awarded" a 6 month ban from  horse races by the Sport Tribunal.  He claimed that he did not know, but I
cannot imagine for one second that any of his employees would take the colossal risk upon themselves to inject illegal
drugs in his prized horses without his knowledge.  These  morphine base narcotic drugs are not exactly available over the
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The collapse of Dubai's once-booming construction industry has created a backlog of legal claims totalling almost $5 billion.
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Neil Stephenson, the Canadian Founder and former CEO of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)  has cleared a
key hurdle in his fight for justice against DIFF Chairman Abdulhamid Juma and Managing Director Shivani Pandya who
were served with legal papers in Cannes. What is interesting here, is the contradiction and hypocrisy of Emirati Officials,
saying they respect the UK court, but refuse their decisions.
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